MILCON OY specializes military and other harsh environment products and systems.

We design and manufacture harnessing and electrical solutions for demanding applications – from prototype to mass production. Supplied products vary from single component to the whole systems.

We have good partners for manufacturing and we know well their competencies and capabilities, so we can choose the best one for certain project – decisions are based on partner competencies and workload level etc.

Business, Products and Services

  •  Ruggedized fibre optic products for tactical field applications
  • Rugged headsets and field telephones
  • Military antennas and power units
  • Designing and manufacturing military-harnessing systems
  • Designing and manufacturing harsh industrial cable-harness and other electrical systems
  • Special spare parts and components for military electronics applications
  • MIL-connector series, planning, consulting and procurement from manufacturers
  • High performance EMC/EMP filters and capacitor products for supply to the defence and other professional industries.


Our e-mails: firstname.lastname@milcon.fi

Janne Korpinen

Managing Director
gsm +358 50 505 3670

Tommi Valkeejärvi

Project Manager
Tel. +358 10 239 2171
gsm +358 50 409 7413

Kimmo Tallinen

Sales Manager
tel. +358 10 239 2174
gsm +358 50 431 3341

Samuel Soikka

Project Engineer
tel. +358 10 239 2173
gsm +358 50 452 5054


Kolmionkatu 5D, 33900 Tampere, Finland
tel. +358 10 239 2170



Milcon oy on uusi korkealaatuisten MPE:n EMC/EMP-suotimien edustaja Suomessa.